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 Jungle Cruise - Movie Poster

This poster was created utilizing ProCreate and Photoshop for a design brief from Talenthouse and Disney. The brief called for artwork promoting Disney's new film Jungle Cruise. Titled "In This Together", this artwork channels the adventure of the film and the comedic relationship between the two main leads. Inevitably getting into some tense situations, seeing the journey through will mean setting differences aside and being in it together to discover real change.



The heart of this film is the banter between these characters. I wanted to capture what I felt would reflect this off-beat relationship, the surrounding dangers, and sense of adventure.



To set this poster apart, adding depth through extreme perspective was the most fun solution. To get the effect needed to achieve this, I scoured the internet to create a mashup of various reference images and drew around the figures to determine the rest of the composition.


Final Poster

To further the feel of adventure and seeking something lost, I added an old paper texture with a yellowish tint and made it look worn, just like the map you see in the film. 

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