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This book collects various ideas of comic books and graphic novels. Each section contains various illustrations from those ideas, and explores the inspirations which sparked their creation. Illustration, logo design, and layout are all skills featured in this book made by yours truly.


*My ideas have changed and evolved, so a revised version is  currently underway!

Featured Logos

Superheroes are known for the iconic symbols they wear as much as the deeds they do. A common trope for how these once mild-mannered civilians got their powers is radioactivity or simply harnessing the power of science. The idea with this logo here was to make what might be considered a "silly" or spoof of a comic superhero and make it as respected as the rest.  His "power" resides in his ability to cook, the best way to represent that by using a common yet recognizable kitchen utensil, matched with atom rings and bold, exciting type.

mothman_logo_refined-06 copy.png
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